Dear Democrats: It’s OK To Be Against Something When Everything is at Stake

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Democrats, as always, have plenty to run on. This year it is all about running over Trump and his GOP. Everything depends on it.

Trump’s GOP is vile, bloodthirsty, corrupt, misogynistic, bigoted, revolting, anti-American and ignorant. It is overtly traitorous, and wants to carry guns. Everywhere. They slather themselves in gooey white privilege and cling to a Jesus who would find them utterly repulsive if He was actually who they say He is in The Book. And while there’s a helluva lot of ’em, they are still a minority in this country, which, come to think of it, is the definition of irony right there …

And this: Only the Left can stop them. And make no mistake about it, they have to be stopped.

I suggest you think about that. Not because it is even remotely profound but because it is the very essence of where we are in this screwed up, desperate place and time.

Lately, there is a full-throated debate among the Left about how we should comport ourselves on the campaign trail during these, the most important times of our lives. Do we go directly after the bloated, orange elephant in the room, Trump’s GOP, or attempt to swerve around all that trash and cruise along the high road figuring all that garbage will take care of itself?

I tell you, NOBODY can tie itself into a naval-gazing knot like the Left. Nobody can fall for the GOP’s dirty tricks with the ease of the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, King and Obama. Democrats are the football and the Republicans are Lucy smugly waiting for us to run head first only to end up busted and flat on our backs. Ready … set  … STOP!

Seriously, fucking stop.

When are we going to learn that the Right does not give a single damn about anybody’s feelings but their own? My God, Trump is the billboard for this! Are we going to let them frame up what we are allowed to be for and what we are allowed to be against? Are we going to let them tell us that running against Trump is playing right into their dirty hands?! Have you stopped for one second to consider why-in-the-hell they are saying this? They are doing what any desperate, down-on-his-luck creep does when playing a losing hand: They are bluffing.

Do not fall for it, Democrats. In fact, double down.

In 2006, Democrats ran headfirst against George Bush the Stupider One and his corrupt party. They made good and damn sure to remind anybody listening that Bush was a dangerous, bungling fool who had finally done enough damage. They made good and damn sure people were reminded of the one-after-another scandals dogging Bush’s GOP at the time. The result? On Nov. 7 of that year the Democrats would go on to win 31 seats in Congress, and five each in the Senate and gubernatorial contests. The Democrats outvoted the GOP by eight points, 52-44. Nancy Pelosi, the GOP’s current-day bogeywoman became our country’s first female Speaker of the House. Two years later, and now expert at Hanging Ten on the blue wave, the United States elected its first black President. We were fed up and had had enough. We voted for change, yes. But mostly we were very much against a party that would take us to war on cooked intelligence and regularly vandalized all honor.

Any of this starting to ring a bell?

Look, Democrats had plenty to run on in 2006 because they are the party that always does. Try this as a sample: women’s rights, equal rights, civil rights, voting rights, healthcare, the environment, better schools, and equal pay. And I know I missed about three bucketfuls of other noble pursuits. But in 2006, making sure America knew they were going to stop Bush and his corrupt party dead in its tracks was Job One.

This time around it is all about being against Trump and his filthy-dirty, complicit GOP. We cannot begin to bathe our nation in good until we have stopped all the very, very bad. We cannot go forward with our honorable pursuits until we have stopped the GOP dead in its slippery tracks.

We hang Trump and his pathetic approval ratings around the GOP’s crooked necks like an anvil, because if we are being honest right now and somebody asks you your motivation for voting this November, your answer will invariably be, “Because we have to stop Trump and his GOP.”

And that is not only fine, it is very, very American of you.

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