Remembering Bush As His Party Turns the Lights Out on Democracy

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In Madison, Wisconsin and all over this nation, the GOP is waging war against our democracy.

If you wait for the Republican Party of the United States of America to do the absolutely worst and most evil thing possible you will never, ever be disappointed.

It is only in the last 16 years or so that I have truly seen this. Before that I’ll cleverly use my cover as a straight-down-the-middle journalist to shade what most likely was right in front of my eyes all along. Maybe these GOP fuckers were always this bloody awful, but I’m still thinking that one through …

For the past five days or so, Bush the Far Smarter One has been remembered, re-remembered and remembered a little bit more, while all around us his party spreads a third and fourth coating of filth and slime on our decaying democracy. A minute ago, I watched a video of Trump harrumphing his way into the Far Smarter One’s funeral today. Does anybody move, speak and act with less grace than this compound fracture of a man? I digress here, I know, because anytime that gross name is intoned digression is implied. But, my-God, what have we done?

I’ll say right now I respected the elder Bush. Not so his stupid, ignorant, dangerous son, who did significant damage to the presidency and our reputation as a thoughtful, caring country. He is a war criminal. Nothing will convince me otherwise. I can’t help pointing that out every chance I get, because not to do so, would be an act of cover to his sky-high crime. Thus began my 16-year, all-out war on his party.

I have caught some flak for giving a salute to his father from some people who I deeply respect and are far smarter than me. These good folks rightfully point to HW’s many transgressions, which to be fair, were in fact, mean and evil. But there was also enough good stacked up, not the least of which was his bravery in WWII, where I can live with myself when I thank him again for his service to my country. I nod to those who disagree and I completely get it.

For now, and with never-ending retrospection, I will continue to believe the GOP is worse than it has ever been, which makes it as bad as it has ever been in this country. I type that asking you to read it with context, because of course slavery was sick and disgusting. Of course our barbaric treatment of the people who were here before us, was (is) plain sick and disgusting and, of course, denying the right to vote to our women was flat stupid and wrong. And on and on …  But those were the times we lived in and by that I mean, high, high times for the white man, who was singularly framing up the creaky house we were building.

And now we both know where I am meandering …

Take a look at the GOP and it IS the white man. That party has learned nothing over the years except crime pays. It eats and breaths the air of 1932. It is regressive and it is most definitely anti-American.

Just hours ago here in Wisconsin, in a gross three-day, lame-duck session the GOP punished the people of this state for voting against them. They simply refused to accept the will of the people and put their white privilege right out front and on 100-watt display. Working through the dark of night, I kid you not, these bastards eagerly stripped the powers of the incoming Democratic governor and his charges. They did everything they could to hold the vote down in future elections, because they know that when voters show up, I mean really show up in this country, they are through. But hell, see it from their side: Why illegally redistrict and divide a state into ghastly shapes and sizes if you aren’t going to pound and puncture your citizenry with all those sharp corners first chance you get?

The GOP is nothing but a bunch of white-collar criminals propped up by white men. Go ahead and point to a single thing or day where there isn’t hair-raising evidence of this.

The GOP white man is wreaking havoc on our animals and the environment. They are grabbing tax breaks at the expense of our children. They are separating brown mothers from their children. They are caging African-Americans at sickening rates. They are sanctioning the killing of journalists because they can’t stand the truth. The are suppressing the votes of Americans of color. They are trying to rip healthcare from human beings who so desperately need it. They are protecting a gun lobby that props up the extermination of school children. They are protecting an administration and mob family that worked with a murderous enemy to take power.

Have things always been this bad? Not if you are a white man they haven’t. Hell, things have never been better. Rest in peace, HW Bush.

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Lived everywhere. Started in Africa, then to America, then to Europe, then ... back to America, which lately seems to pride itself in going back. Almost made it 30 years in print journalism, before it all went bad. Really? Don’t think things are bad, eh? Who’s your new president, pal? How did that happen? Because it all went bad.

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