EXCLUSIVE: What a WH Meeting Aimed at Further Stoking a Racist Fire Looks Like

Ivanka: <11 seconds of inaudible murmuring, followed by a gasp.>
Trump: “Maybe later, sweetie. I just ate. Now where was I, before Dick so rudely interrupted me?”
Stephen Miller: “You were talking about making America greater and mightier and more powerful than it’s ever been, fuhrer!”

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EXCLUSIVE: What an Oval Office Immigration Meeting Must Sound Like

While America reels from the bilge emanating from the White House, we thought it would be helpful to let you know what a WH meeting must sound like …

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Trump Uses ‘Important Words’ to Defend His ‘General’ Terms in Cabinet Meeting

Some people, not a lot, but some people, have criticized me for saying I would have been a good general. I don’t get this. Literally anybody can be a good general. You could be a good general, OK? You just have to want to be good instead of bad. How hard is that?! Can you imagine what the lying, stinking, awful, corrupt, maniacs in the fake media would have said, if I said I would have been a bad general?! Only a moron would have said that. I am not a moron, folks.

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