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I am writing because I am deeply disturbed about what went down on Election Day, November 8, 2016. I am disturbed by what led to it, and where it might try to take us — bold, hopeful emphasis on try. I am willing to explore that a form of this was somehow necessary, and maybe even predictable, if only we had decided to believe what was right in front of our eyes. But! I will never be willing to accept Donald J. Trump.
Off the top of my head, I could give you 152 reasons why and most likely will if I can sustain this thing, but not right now. If you absolutely have to have your daily face-plant, google “awful things Trump has said and done” and then come on back ready to discuss how we prevent this from ever happening again.

Admittedly, in a sea of Internet garbage this might be one more thing you need to bat away in search of your truth. That’s easily done and goodbye. I really hope a few of you will visit from time to time, though, so we can work through this unmitigated disaster over the next four years.

I have zero expectations for this thing, which is liberating and, come to think of it, a nice tease to my first offering.

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D. Earl Stephens

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Lived everywhere. Started in Africa, then to America, then to Europe, then ... back to America, which lately seems to pride itself in going back. Almost made it 30 years in print journalism, before it all went bad. Really? Don’t think things are bad, eh? Who’s your new president, pal? How did that happen? Because it all went bad.

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