A Snowflake’s Warning to Trump’s GOP: Winter is Coming

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Winter is coming for Trump’s GOP. A wounded, activated Left will damn well see to it.

Dear GOP:

Just so you know, we are intentionally allowing this to happen to ourselves — this awful feeling. We are breaking down, and building up. And breaking down again … It’ll no doubt make you happy that sometimes we feel hopeless. We know this is what drives you. You are very simple.

Sure, we could turn away from all this bile and hate — make the best of it; follow some zen and just get our chill on; be a flickering light in a nation going dark.

Not this time.

No, this time, we are allowing the pain to crush in on us until it squeezes out tears. We are raging. You’ll be glad to hear we don’t sleep like we used to and sometimes not at all. Our stomachs constantly roil and burn. Random conversations with friends, colleagues, and even quickly vetted strangers routinely devolve into disgust, then despair, then anger. We see clouds in every sunny day.

Good people have been hurt, some catastrophically. Things like Trump and his ass-drafting GOP are a real thing. We really have fallen this far in the muck and mire.  We have seen how bad it can get. We do know you will try to make it worse. We are basking in this pain — familiarizing ourselves with it. We hate it, but it keeps us moving.

Then there are our lovely, innocent animals who suffer because of your willful ignorance …

So you know, we don’t blame you, we blame us. We do hate you, though. We’ll never underestimate you again. You are even worse than we thought. We know we didn’t do enough to stop you. We have spent the past 16-plus months trying to miserably live with that. WE DIDN’T DO ENOUGH!

It was a still, sunny day the Saturday before The Election two Novembers ago. The last cloudless day many of us remember. It had been a bumpy ride to that point but in the last notable poll, Marquette, Hillary was still holding to a six-point lead in Wisconsin. Nationally, things were creaky from all of Trump’s relentless pounding, but we still had one of history’s greatest presidents elegantly defending the moral high ground. Sure, it was terrifying it could be this close, but it was supposed to be at least a little tight because, ya know, it’s tough to hold the presidency through three election cycles. Heck, she might even lose in 2020, but who cares, Trump will be gone, and the hate-infested Deplorables will have gotten theirs.

We were rational back then and wildly naive. We’d watched our country go forward under Obama, following eight years of war and mayhem under Bush the Stupider One.

On Tuesday, things would return to normal and we could go back to the important things in life, and everything but politics. The GOP would again take stock that being white and hateful can get you a bucketful of votes, but a lot of good it does when that bucket is shrinking every day. They’d have to come to their senses. It was 2016 after all.

Then that awful Tuesday night dropped on our houses like so many bombs. A majority of America had been pushed aside.  You see, Trump not only somehow won, but so did darn near everybody and everything running for something on the Right.

There has been shock and morning sickness every single day since then. We didn’t do enough …

And then we showed up on March 21. You saw us. We saw to it you couldn’t miss us.

We have been showing up every day and everywhere since then. We are winning where you think we should lose. This is just a start. There are more of us. If you think we are simply motivated, and this is some passing phase, you are underestimating us. We are activated. Our hearts are on fire. You can hurt us, but we know we can take it. We are stronger now.

We are defiantly staring right through you. We can see the road ahead.  You are in our way.

We don’t hug as much as we used to.

We are fed up.

We are coming for you.

Winter is coming.

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Lived everywhere. Started in Africa, then to America, then to Europe, then ... back to America, which lately seems to pride itself in going back. Almost made it 30 years in print journalism, before it all went bad. Really? Don’t think things are bad, eh? Who’s your new president, pal? How did that happen? Because it all went bad.

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