First the tantrum, then the fall

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The rotten news just flashes by too quickly these days. Who can process it all properly? Who can stamp it with the impact it deserves — or doesn’t?

This of course works to our president-elect’s favor. Like the 2-year-old barrelling around the house knocking semi-precious stuff off tables and onto floors, Trump is recklessly having his way with whatever is in reach of those baby hands. After seven decades of 2-year-olding, he’s damn good at it.

He needs a good spanking of course, but like all these rich, spoiled brats we’ve come across is instead given high reward for low behavior. Nothing can be done. The high chair is just too high.

All the Russia hacking stuff is tinged with espionage, traitors, deceit, ill-gotten riches and most likely a whole lot more. But what it mostly is, is the tot being teased and made fun of by the precocious 8-year-old.

The 2-year-old’s piggy bank is stuffed tight with dollars and rubles made in the dark with the 8-year-old, Putin. Birds of feather. They’ve been knocking stuff off tables together for some time now. Hillary pointed at it during the election, and the 2-year-old hollered back, “Lock her up!”

So now it’s all coming to light, what Hillary said — that, and shootings at airports, atrocities in Syria, Brexiting Brits, war in Chicago, women’s rights set aflame …

Nobody can keep up with it all.

When confronted with all the light and Intelligence, Trump lashed and spit like an ignorant dummy. His babysitters, Ryan and McConnell, smirked and defended. He might be a 2-year-old, they mused, but our people love him, so we will, too – for now.

Ryan and the Washington Whites know where all this is going, though. They’ve been around the Mall a few times. They know eventually the 2-year-old will tip something over so big and heavy it will land on his head. There will be blood and screaming. This time, though, nobody will rush to his defense and clean him up. There will be more blood and screaming.

Finally, they’ll say, “Grow up already. Isn’t it time you stopped acting like a 2-year-old?!  Nobody feels sorry for you!”

Like that, the screaming will stop. The 2-year-old will sniffle some more, rub his cuffed sleeve across his snotty nose and stumble back to his little feet. “Fine,” he’ll bellow. “Let somebody else run this stupid country!”

Then he’ll stumble off to the next table.

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Lived everywhere. Started in Africa, then to America, then to Europe, then ... back to America, which lately seems to pride itself in going back. Almost made it 30 years in print journalism, before it all went bad. Really? Don’t think things are bad, eh? Who’s your new president, pal? How did that happen? Because it all went bad.

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