General Donald Trumpski meets the resistance

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Four months after digging its own grave, a calloused and bloodied America is sending powerful signals it won’t be jumping in and burying itself anytime soon.

By beating back a truly sickening healthcare bill and keeping one index finger pointed at Russia and the other on the incompetents in the Kremlin’s West Wing, America’s Resistance continued this week to turn that hole in the ground into an ever-expanding trench — a line of demarcation between good and evil … between fact and fiction. They are intent on making up ground and for a massive mistake. Things need to be set right. And by right, they mean left.

Dug in and on message, the Resistance is strategically dismantling  General Donald Trumpski and his forces of hate by choking them with one of history’s truest lessons: It is almost impossible for any invading force to win on an enemy’s home turf. Trumpski the Incompetent is getting a hard look at what America really looks like, and what a righteous foe the ol’ gal can be when she gets her back up.

Pushed by unrelenting gusts across piss-gold carpeting and into the dark corners of his nasty little places, Trumpski is discovering that the only thing the Resistance is madder at besides him, is itself.

The Resistors know they fucked up but good on that incalculably awful November day in 2016. Dizzied by the blast, they remember thinking they might never walk again. Who recovers from such massive self-inflicted wounds? Their cockiness had all at once been replaced by endless miles of desolate, hopeless doubt. The House, Senate, Judiciary and Presidency gone, and in the hands of a power-drunk madman.

Where do we go now? Who can help us? What-in-the-hell have we done??? That’s when the desperation set in, and the digging started. Jumping into the dark hole was an option.

Then all of a sudden the crowds started coming out. By the millions, Americans checked their oversized egos at the door, found their voice and got to the real work of returning their country into something a guy like Lincoln might even recognize. This is our country, goddammit.

Seemingly every chance they got, The Resistors were on the phone, in the meetings and on the march. While Trumpski raged, lied and tweeted, the Resistors systematically tore him apart with a laser-focus on making all this left again.

By reading his 3 million-vote loss in the election as a mandate, Trumpski continues to stumble around at 60 mph,  blindly tripping wires everywhere. The Roadrunner’s Coyote has less smoke on his face. Big irony, the only place where Trumpski feels safe these days is Florida, where lots of things go to retire and eventually die.

This was most definitely not how the first 100 days were supposed to go. Hardworking Americans should already have been cashing Mexican checks as they erected that terrific wall under the iron-willed gaze of Trumpski the master builder. Hillary should have been collared and locked away by now doing hard time for her high email crimes. And shouldn’t we have been preventing literally everybody from entering our country except good Kansans?

Look, all this is not to say the war is over and freedom can ring. Hell, most of us haven’t even recovered from the ringing in our ears from the blast of November 8. America is still very much under attack by Trumpski’s dark forces. Bet your bottom ruble that he will double down on his pledges to pollute our air and water, take food from our children’s mouths, leave our seniors to die without dignity and make good and damn well sure the animals get theirs, too. There are just too many Russians to repay and corporate tycoons’ beds to feather.

This is the most evil regime that has ever invaded our soil. They mean to take your country away.

But it is clear the Resistance is starting to take its toll. Listening to Trumpski’s Lieutenants, Spicer and Conway, each day is proof of that. Even those inside his party are getting tired of wiping the smoke and gunpowder from their eyes. If the Resistance continues to show up and march on principle, the elections in 2018 will be a bloodbath. By then, half of Trumpski’s forces will be on the run suffering from PTSD.

Lucky for them, Obamacare will be there to cover them.

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