Guilty Trump, GOP Barr America From the Truth: Show Us The Damn Report

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That’ll be about enough of this “The Left is crestfallen over the release of the Mueller Report” bullshit. And thanks.

After topping off my cup of piping-hot coffee, I’ll type this sizzler right off: If you shy away from profanity, I get it, so fair warning: I’m letting it all go this morning. I am in no-damn-mood to parse words. Too much is at stake.  (OK, warning over.)

There is nothing to be polite or civil about while Trump’s latest Attorney General, William Pelham Barr, is somehow getting away with leading America around by its stiff upper lip.

Let’s stop with the nonsense here. This guy is nothing but a bought-and-paid-for GOP sniper, who is out to put a kill shot through truth and justice at the behest of the leader of the Trump Crime Family. Further, he is getting full sanction from the spineless, anti-American GOP. Take issue with that mouthful? Then you haven’t been paying attention to the facts, and more than that: What the fuck have you been paying attention to????

And, hey, want to know who has been paying attention to the facts? Democrats. You want to know how you can spot a Democrat? They are the ones with the furrowed brows, aching backs, and bloodshot eyes who are reaching down and lifting up others who have been left out in the cold by this ruthless, monstrous administration. Want to know what else they have been doing lately? Reaching out and pulling the levers in any voting booth they can crawl to. We have had it.

Here’s what Democrats are not: “Crestfallen.”

I have now seen this “crestfallen” crap in far, far too many places — even places I generally trust to credibly dissemble and break out the news accurately. Our democracy is under attack in this country. Again, you think that is an overstatement? Oh no you don’t …

This past week, we have seen way more than enough of Trump’s state-run victory propaganda seeping into what is supposed to be balanced news coverage. All we think we know right now, folks, is that the Mueller Report was secreted away in some bomb-proof, taxpayer-paid-for safe in the middle of our capital someplace. Actually, this is the best we can hope for, because if Trump gets his grimy hands on it …

Real Americans, Democrats, still have not seen the report, and lately have been played for a bunch of damn fools. And fools we-are-not.

Worst of all, our working press has lost their bearings on this one, and as a veteran of the business it is galling to see. They need to snap to, and knock it the fuck off. Up till this point most of the women and men in the press have done a stellar job of digging out and reporting what has been going on inside this stinking mess of an administration.

But the American public has never needed answers more than it does right now.

In fact, hang on …

<the angry writer fumbles for his glasses>

Let me get back to playing managing editor for 32 seconds. This could potentially be instructive. So beware. Now grab your notebooks and haul your tired asses in here:

<clears throat>

<… deep, menacing, disgusted voice …>

“You understand what your jobs are, right, people?!”

“You understand we put you in positions to be where the general public can’t so you can tell them what is going on, right?!”

“You understand you are paid like shit to call power into account every single hour, right?!”


<mumbling … heads nod>

“Good …”

“There is but ONE story here, see?”


“There is ONE thing that our readers need to know.”

“There is but ONE thing America needs to know …”


<Shuffling feet>

“Sit down, I’m not through with you…”

“And let’s stop with the fucking suspense. We already know the answer to this question don’t we? If the report cleared Trump and his shitty family and staff it would have been on the streets the minute after Mueller handed it to bought-off Barr.”

“Yeah? So now that I gave you the answer, your job is to find out what is in this fucking report that the GOP is smothering? Do your fucking jobs!!!”

“Now bring me the fucking story!!!”

<loosens tie>

OK, it’s me again.

I want to thank you for allowing me to blow my cork here. No, you didn’t have a choice, but I did feel an obligation to type what I know has been on many of your minds.

You aren’t “crestfallen.” You are completely fed up and at wit’s end. Evil is supposed to be put down and punished, not lifted up and celebrated.

In addition to the hijacking of our democracy, this week has seen Trump’s GOP talk of pulling funding for the Special Olympics and threatening to rip medical care away from seniors and our children.

And if you have a better word for that than “evil” I am all ears.

The truth is, the vast majority of this country is outraged. That we are feeling a bit helpless in the face of the Trump Dictatorship makes us Americans. We know evil when we see it. We know abhorrent, complicit and covering behavior when we smell it.

We know right from wrong.

If for whatever reason somebody wants to know why we are outraged, show them this magnificent oh-so-American performance by Adam Schiff.

Nothing I type here will ever be better. And if the House Intelligence Committee Chair’s four-minute rocket doesn’t send shivers down your spine you might be a Russian — or far worse, a Republican.

Now show us the fucking report.

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