Real Liberals Resist Taking Shots at The Resistance; Beware the Phonies

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As we barrel toward the most consequential day of our lifetimes on Nov. 6, beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing, my fellow liberal resisters. They seem to be everywhere lately trying to divide our growing and purposeful flock.

They are easier to spot than you think. You will hear them say things like, “Dear Democrats: as always, you’re doing the dumbest thing you possibly can when it comes to politics: you’re arguing about Elizabeth Warren instead of a competitive message for the midterms.” Or “Honestly though, shouldn’t Elizabeth Warren have waited 3 weeks to release her DNA results? ” Or “Please do your part in keeping the most divisive figures in your party out of the news for 22 days. It just can’t be that hard.”

They say they are here to help, but they most definitely are not. They are connivers who want to come off smarter than the rest of us and portend disaster because it is what they get off on for their own sick, dark reasons.

They are also most likely Republicans, who are allegedly anti-Trump and have made a fair dime peddling that to the fawning networks who have 24 hours a day to fill as they furiously dig for the political middle on their bombastic panels. For a few bucks and a pat on the back, these phonies can’t pass on the opportunity to take a cockeyed shot at the liberals they have worked so hard against their whole miserable lives.

I am looking at you Rick Wilson and you Ana Navarro and you Joe Scarborough — just to name a few of you hucksters off the top of my steaming noggin.

You disgust me. But then, before Trump you always did. Now you are trying to claim the high road, as if you somehow know what’s best for MY party. You are no better than Trump, and in many ways worse, because you know good and damn well what you are doing. Your motives are sinister. You are dying to be the right-wing slime that survives the catastrophic disease of the soul that has infected your putrid, sick party. You fancy yourself the leaders of what will be left in the ashes when the raging dumpster fire someday sucks all the oxygen out of itself. You are too damn self-centered to see what is right in front of your lying eyes: Trump and your party are making a play to end democracy as we know it. You aren’t all in. But you damn sure aren’t all out, either. You are flat busted is what you are.

So shut up already. And to my liberal friends: TUNE THEM OUT. They are up to no good.

We are doing fine. Great even. If Elizabeth Warren wants to punch back at Trump, I say go for it and don’t stop swinging. If Diane Feinstein needs to do whatever the hell it is she has to do to prevent an evil, lying pig like Kavanaugh ascending to the Supreme Court, I say you better, Senator, and thank you! When Eric Holder says, “When they go low, we kick them,” I say that’s exactly right, sir, and steel-toe boots are best for that necessary job.

And yet I heard people allegedly on the Left criticizing this. Yes, let’s play patty cake with the bastards who are coming for our healthcare, grabbing pussies and devouring our environment like some bowl of shrimp cocktail on their country club terrace. Let’s coddle the slobs who sell themselves to Russia for profit, break us to feed the filthy rich and make excuses for those who assault and tear apart our women and children.

Yeah … let’s NOT do that anymore, or ever.

This is war. If we don’t win this election we might never get another chance to make things right again. And before you dismiss that as hyperbole, consider this passage from Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny perhaps the most chilling and important thing that has been written since the orange tyrant ascended to his broken-down throne 22 awful months ago.

“The mistake is to assume that rulers who came to power through institutions cannot change or destroy those very institutions — even when that is exactly what they have announced that they will do.”

Trump and his party are busy tearing apart this country.  They are doing it with pride and gusto. They have proven over and over and over they will stop at nothing to hold power. As you read this voting rights are being attacked all over our union. They are doing whatever they can to discourage and tamp down the vote. They aren’t interested in you. They want to stomp you out.

We have vital work to do as this important, singular battle of the War on Democracy reaches an end in less than three weeks. Giving these self-serving propagandists any weight at all, gets in our way. The flanking maneuver is actually easy: Look out for each other, be kind to each other, lift each other up, go hand in hand to the voting booth and #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica.

Cut these howling, for-profit wolves loose from your lives, Resisters, and let them go tail between legs back to what’s left of their disease-ridden Republican Party.

We have a war to win.

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