Standing on This Side of The Atlantic and the Vital Case for Trump’s Impeachment

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I’m going to step in here quickly and do the haughty “as-I-wrote” thing before putting the spotlight on a truly great piece of thought in The Atlantic.

Er, as I wrote about a week ago, or in Trump Weeks, what seems like 1967, I see the impeachment of this ignorant, self-serving maniac as completely necessary and just as soon as is reasonably possible. It is a moral imperative and issue of national security.

We must demand an end to this fascist regime because what kind of country are we really if we salute Captain Evil and his dangerous lieutenants in the Senate, who wipe their greasy palms on his sweaty cape knowing full well they will never come clean?

Not impeaching this wannabe dictator would be an abhorrent dereliction of Democratic duty, and would play right into the hands of the GOP, who have been grunting and groaning warnings at us not to go down the only road worth traveling right now.

Bully, I say.

Most of these GOP bottom-feeders know full well they are being stepped on by a monster, but do not have the guts or the faith in our resilient, time-tested democracy to stand up to their pathetic base who are only too happy to tear it all apart at the urging of Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. The GOP is being governed by little monsters who wear red hats, are tuned into propaganda, and haven’t a clue what makes America great.

It is up to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to do this necessary work of impeachment and do it before it’s too late. Because ‘too late’ has taken on the most ominous implications in our nation’s history.

OK … If reading this far into my back-patting plea you still aren’t convinced that impeachment is necessary then I direct you to Yoni Applebaum’s aforementioned piece. Nothing I ever type here will make the case for impeachment (or probably anything) better.

But before you go off, take a look at this quote Applebaum uses to make his compelling case:

“The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naïveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate.”

With thanks to John McCain, who, while not always the knight in shining armor America needed him to be, went through horrors and sacrifice all Americans will thank him for into eternity.

And since there are no Republicans saying these things now, it is up to Democrats to say and do what is right on their disgraceful behalf: For the good of mankind, impeach and then push to remove the monster from office.

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