Taking ‘No Responsibility At All’ is a Hallmark of Evil

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Here we go again.

For three-plus years we have been dealing with a 337-lb. blowup doll splayed disgracefully in a mushy, orange jelly roll across our White House — a lout who is chased around by a bevy of hardened, boot-licking (Mike Pence), elephant-dung cleaners (Kevin McCarthy), who thanks to an absurd amount of tolerance for all things rancid, no longer have to hold their nose as they sweep up after their master’s terrific, daily mess …

Trump will say or do something so disturbing, so absurd, so heartless, so childish, so absolutely deranged that we we rub our face (and lately immediately wash our hands) and gargle out: “Wait. What in the absolute fuck did he just say????”

I have actually become mildly surprised at my capacity to stay fully shocked and disgusted by these moments. Lately, I have become quite certain that one of Trump’s strategies right from the get-go, was to implement his unlimited “ready aim fire” approach to tackling, then incinerating, literally anything or anybody he saw as a problem while bashing his way toward the Fox News  magic mirror on his wall that stared back at him each morning and told him he looked just great.

He knew that once he got us to the breaking point where we’d say, “Yeah, yeah, I know he just made fun of a disabled 4-year-old little girl with cancer, but he’s just being Trump again,” he’d have beaten us all into complete submission.

And that’s worked just fine for the repugnant Republican party. Me? I still haven’t had a good sleep in over 1,000 days. And when the appalling moments arise, and almost daily, I now wish the sonofabitch dead. No sense candy-coating it.

The truth is, it’ll be only after he’s dead and gone that we can start putting a lot of this to bed.

And before you say, yeah, yeah, but he’s opened a can of worms that might never be closed again, I say, sure, OK, but that can never closes. Just take a look at history. Hitler, Stalin, Amin, Himmler … There’s always somebody completely and singularly awful enough who will come along and bring out the absolute worst in humanity.

These gruesome souls knew how to handle what was inside that seething can of nuclear-powered hate and use it to its brutal effect. Their heavy words and very nature tapped into something that sat inside too many lost, dark, empty souls. Thousands have grabbed for the can over the course of history with the hope of spreading its sickness to the rest of us, but precious few have had the reach of a Kahn, Nero, or … Trump?

If you are clapping back at me for hyper-sensationalism right now, I’ll take it under consideration, but not before making this point: Watch any of Trump’s rallies. Then ask yourself the last time you saw anything like THAT.

Which brings me to the latest scalding moment that should be burned into history, but tragically could be missed before it is gone because of too many people’s diminishing capacity to be outraged by it all …

Trump was asked during his surreal press conference in the now-wilting Rose Garden on Friday if he took any responsibility for not getting COVID-19 test kits out sooner, and for weeks and weeks treating this mass-killer as nothing but “a hoax.”

Thrusting out all three of his chins like fat-Mussolini, Trump spit back this way:  “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Consider now if those six words had been uttered by a high school principle, or a coach, or Burger King manager, whatever … for something far, far less grievous that had happened under their watch. We all know they’d be gone in an instant. Civility, maturity and decency demand we take responsibility for our actions as adults, much less leaders.

That Trump can say he doesn’t and won’t “take responsibility at all” for a life-threatening crisis that has been so brutally mishandled under his crooked gaze, should end it right there for him.

Right now this evil, rotten son of a bitch is most likely golfing or harrumphing around the White House being trailed by the elephant-dung collectors (Lindsey Graham) as he contemplates where he will kick the evil can next. He is taking no ownership whatsoever for a catastrophe he spent weeks trying to belittle and then suppress.

Sick irony of ironies, after being exposed to those carrying the virus he was dragged kicking and screaming to be tested.

The results of the test are alleged to be negative.

It looks like even Karma won’t show up to save us now.

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