The Thunderbolt Pelosi Knows Will Hit Trump and his GOP if Mueller Doesn’t

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I am still trying to process the political calculus of Nancy Pelosi’s news Monday that she is not for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because “he’s just not worth it.”

Unlike Trump, Pelosi is a thinker and understands that on the rarest of occasions even the most unworthy of us might catch lightning in a bottle once in our lives, as Trump did in 2016 when seemingly every, single, damn thing went his way. As Pelosi undoubtedly knows, it is far, far more likely a reckless deviant like the orange, Russian-fed phony will at some point finally and fatally be struck by it.

So I wondered while Grandmaster Pelosi continued to ease into her long game during a wonderful interview with the Washington Post if she wasn’t thinking about a blistering poll number that absolutely has to terrify Republicans, and should be the defining thunderbolt that destroys their pathetic, eroding, tone-deaf and anti-American party.

  • Women disapprove of Trump by a whopping 65-30 margin.


Read that thunderbolt again: Women disapprove of Trump by a whopping 65-30 margin.

Can somebody explain to me how if that margin holds and Democrats stay agitated and motivated they won’t blow the doors off the anti-American party in 2020? According to a Quinnipiac Poll released last week that has stuck to me like Stephen Miller to Trump,  women by an astonishing plus-35 do-not-like-Trump.

And, hey, remember when white women were being blamed for not sticking with Hillary in 2016? Remember when they somehow voted for Trump, by 53-47? Well, just 30 months later they disapprove of him by a gaping 58-36 margin. Which proves this old adage: While you can fool some of the white women some of the time, no worries, you can still fool most of the white men all of the time.

But before I get to the men, I can’t thank the people of color enough in this country.

Blacks disapprove of Trump by a whopping, 84-12, and Hispanics, 70-20. Which proves this old adage: You can fool a white person a whole helluva lot, but you can’t fool a person of color — damn-near-ever.

So thanks, folks. A million times over. White people just aren’t worthy.

And now for the white fellas, who can be found dragging their knuckles somewhere in a scene shot right out of something resembling the Year 1852. For the love of God, these soft-shells still support Trump by <gulp> 55-40. Of course they are the only demographic to do so, proving this old adage: You can lead a white boy to water but you can’t make him think.

If there’s a silver lining where the white boys are involved I guess it’s this: In 2016, they voted for Trump by a sickening, 63-37 number. So maybe they’re learning … ? OK, yeah … never mind …

Let’s get back to talking common sense and Pelosi, who sees these numbers as clearly as we do and knows full well if Democrats enjoy the same political weather in 2020 as they are enjoying now, it’ll be clear sailing on Election Day.

It makes no sense to go after Trump with impeachment, who, as we saw in November and in these stunning poll numbers, is already badly wounded and hemorrhaging support. Let him continue to die slowly. Let Democrats put a stake through his cold, tiny heart at the polls.

Not to say there isn’t major risk in this strategy, as well as the tiny detail of ethics.

The risk, of course, is circumstances change between now and next year and Trump has somehow rallied. This is not completely implausible because we have all learned through history how hard is it to kill off fatal diseases like bigotry. Those very white people who are right now seeing the light might return to the darkness. You just can’t trust us. We’re the only ones who don’t seem to get that.

Then there is the matter of ethics. How much are we supposed to accept from this appalling, ignorant, anti-American, lying slob? How much disgrace should he be allowed to bring to this country before we say the hell with it, and do everything in our power to remove him right now?

Honestly, I’d back impeachment in a heartbeat, but I’m also emotional as hell and hate the guy and his party so much I’d support pretty much anything if it meant doing away with ’em. I gave up being rational and cool-headed on November 9, 2016. Never again.

So for now, I am going to try for a deep breath and wait and see what the Mueller Report says. Then, depending on how damning it is, I want to see what Pelosi says about it.

Whatever she says goes, because as the old adage says: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I am probably a white guy.

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