Trump Reaches Out to Living Veterans; Thanks Them for Not Dying Like Cowards

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Sunday, November 10, 2019, 3:48 a.m.

First, I just want to use this Sunday morning to say you are welcome to all the veterans thanking me for thanking them for Veterans Day tomorrow. As you know, as your Supreme Allied Commander Of All Chiefs I didn’t have to say you are welcome. I could have just thanked you, waited for your outpouring of love for me and figured as usual I had done more than enough on your behalf. But I didn’t. I said you are welcome, which goes far, far beyond the call of my duty. But that is just who I am as you know.

So you are welcome in advance for me going far, far beyond the call of my duty. I doubt I will go any farther today, but just in case I do, you are welcome for that, too.

Our veterans are very important people, especially the ones who aren’t dead. Like me.

Like you, I’m sure, I prefer our veterans are alive because this means they didn’t fail miserably in their jobs while running around the battlefield or riding on a ship or something. I mean besides sending the enemy to the most terrifically awful, disgusting, brutal death as possible, your ONE job is stay to alive as a soldier. That’s it. I mean, I have stayed alive well over 70 years now, and I plan to stay alive forever if God the Lord Jesus will allow it. And I have a feeling he will.

Anyway, the dead veterans are no good to me or you. Sure, maybe it wasn’t their fault they were killed, but you’ll have a hard time convincing me of that. I wouldn’t even try, so don’t. Thank you.

On this hollowed out day, I think of the brave men from Omaha, Iowa, who went to that beach in France and swam through the water with their guns and survived one of the most awful days they ever, ever had. Let me tell you, I’ve had, many, many days like that and know they aren’t easy. So I have great respect for myself and even them.

Let’s just say the day a 325-pound stockbroker’s kid from Greenwich, Connecticut, dove on top of me and broke three of my ribs while I was hunkered down in bunker at military school during the Vietnam War is more than I can bear to remember. Nobody should have to go through that. But I did and as you can tell, I am better for it.

Like many veterans, I prefer not to talk about my service, so I won’t. Though I could go on and on about it if I wanted to.

These days we are fighting a different kind of war. Our enemies are much more sophisticated even though they hide out in caves. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but it is not supposed to. That’s what makes it sophisticated.

And because I am very, very sophisticated you are lucky to have me as your Great Commander. I have always run with a very sophisticated crowd. At the Yacht Club most people couldn’t even understand what I was saying because it was so sophisticated. They would just stare at me with blank looks on their stupid faces, roll their eyes and walk away because they knew they were out of their league with me. This is why I don’t listen to anybody. It is a waste of time.

Most important, you’ll notice that under my leadership less and less of our brave soldiers are getting killed. Every single one of them knows that I won’t feel sorry for them like Obama did if they die. When they are running around the battlefield and into those caves they are thinking, “If I die, President Trump will hate me, so I simply have to stay alive.”

This is what is called “tough love” and I know all about that.

When I was kid, my father, Fred, used to say, “Donny, no matter how much barbed wire we lay … no matter how many traps we set …  no matter how many doors we lock to the mansion … you somehow always manage to get in. I have never seen anything like it.”

Well, as you can imagine that always meant a lot to me.

As a reward to myself, I am going to keep this Very Important Letter shorter than usual today. I think it is good time to be reflexive and not say many things. So as an honor to me on this Veterans Day, please go find a mirror and stare into it and think about me and all I have done for this country. Then try to pretend it is you. When you can’t, go back to thinking about me again and buy a new mirror.

I want to end in a prayer:

“Oh holy soldier, prosper on thy battlefield. Lose not, and live long, for ye sheep are thine kingdom. As Moses said to Jesus: ‘Fear not for though ye will die brutally on a cross, your days won’t be done on Earth.’ And though ye Jesus was startled with thine terrifically awful news, he put on his sandals and walked to Bethlehem anyway. “

I want you to think about that.

You are welcome for my service,

Donald J. Trump

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