Trump’s most dangerous trait of all

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You don’t need to be told what a revolting pig Donald Trump is. You believe it, because you have seen it.

Trump demeans, bullies, he’s rude, is a tenth or so as smart as he thinks he is, is embarrassingly unaware and insecure, and has no sense of humor (which, ironically, is literally the only thing keeping me sane right now).

But it is even worse than all this, folks, because what Donald Trump is at his empty core is … a liar. He easily and recklessly lies about literally everything, because he seems to truly believe in literally nothing.

And because he lies all the time, he can’t be trusted. So … The person occupying the mantle of leader of the free world cannot be trusted about anything. I’ll pause for a second while you let that one sink in.

If you are a parent or were a child once (so all of you), it was rightfully implied you were a kiddie criminal of the highest order if you lied. Heck, we all tried it and were all found out, often with the blink of a mother’s eye.

We were than whacked and/or sent into temporary exile to think hard about this sin. This was often followed by exhaustive, one-way discourse aimed at making you come correct, and fast. You were told, and with feeling, “Lying will get you nowhere, boy.”  And: “Nobody likes a liar …”

While for most of us this didn’t end dishonesty on the spot and completely, it did at a minimum make us think twice about verging from the truth going forward. There were consequences.

Those who decided living and lying could coexist comfortably in one form or another settled into vocations that paid handsomely for the upside-down turn of phrase. So many of them reside in Washington. Many others live in jail. All of them have the curse of living with themselves.

And listen, Trump’s not the first liar to wag falsity in our Oval Office — I’m looking at you Dick Nixon … And you, Bill Clinton .. And you, W. Bush. Nixon lied to save his legacy, Clinton to save his lying, naked ass, and W. lied because Dick Cheney told him to. Nixon didn’t get away with it and resigned. Clinton remained disgustingly defiant and was impeached. W.? Until Trump gets truly serious and enters the war crime business, W. stands alone as the face of what evil truly looks like. He lied and tens of thousands of innocents are dead and wounded. All W. got for the Big Lie was a tongue-lashing and a handsome retirement. Tell me, how do you spell justice?

Then there’s Donald The Repulsive. He lies with such regularity it took his staff all of two days in their jobs, to call his drool “alternative facts.”

Damn, I wish I’d thought of that one before my mom’s hand battered my ass. “Mom, your assessment that I stole from the cookie jar is yet another one of your alternative facts.”

Actually, I might not be here typing this, if I’d pulled that one.

So who is to teach this 70-year-old, snotty brat that lying will get you nowhere when lying has gotten him everywhere? Who’s to batter his ass and send him off to some room to be with his own miserable self?

The NY Times took a very important step calling the rotten kid into account on Tuesday when they headlined a story this way: Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting with Lawmakers.

I’ll guess staffers at the paper had a robust discussion about using the word “lie” to describe a lie, because this is what newspaper people do. They are careful with the words they choose, because unlike Trump they do know the best words and are careful about how they use them.

Apparently, on their way to talking through the ramifications of calling a liar a liar, the paper also posted this gem on Jan. 22.

I know, I know, you are saying big deal. Everybody knew he was a compulsive liar and he still got elected. That he’s dead inside is small consolation when we are forced to look at what’s left on the outside.

OK, but there is one other lie Trump repeats, and in his sleep: The media is dishonest. Speaking in front of the CIA Sunday, he called the media, “among the most dishonest human beings on earth.”

For the sake of time I’ll save pointing out the distinction between the working press and the media, and say this: The job of the working press is to hold power into account. Its access and single-minded pursuit of credible, honest reporting is done to the great benefit of society and the detriment of guys like Nixon and Clinton. It was late and shoddy with its work leading up to W.’s illegal war, though it seemed nothing was going to stop our shot at shock and awe.

Right now, Trump, the serial liar, is calling the press among the most dishonest human beings on earth.

So I ask you two questions: Why do you think he is doing this? And who are you going to believe?

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