When The Resistance Falters and Can’t Wait to Hug America’s Enemies

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The attack on the United States Wednesday was only ONE of the worst things that happened. The other, I fear, might have more lasting damage …

About an hour before Trump’s Republican terrorists assaulted our Democracy, one Mitch McConnell — THAT Mitch McConnell —  was on the Senate floor doing what he does best: talking in code and out of both sides of his dirty, rotten mouth …

Seems Mitch was finally ready to put a band aid on America’s gaping wound — the one he had literally everything to do with. Mitch was going to vote for certifying the vote of the American people. After months of inaction, Mitch the Great American was saving the day.

But even Mitch knows, and has deeply suppressed in his empty, dark soul, that he could have removed Trump from the White House last year. Even Mitch knows, but has deeply suppressed in his empty, dark soul, that he could have spared us from the absolute carnage of the past year that led to yesterday’s attack on our democracy.

But never mind that brutal reality. On Wednesday, a brave, defiant Mitch McConnell was willing to go all the way towards certifying votes that were cast by REAL American patriots, who literally risked their lives to VOTE TRUMP OUT.

Wow! What a guy, eh???

There was nothing fucking heroic about what McConnell was doing. He was simply doing the bare minimum of what is expected of any American. And that’s when the real crime started …

Within minutes, TV pundits started gushing over Mitch’s “bravery” for standing up to Trump. He was “meeting the moment” they breathlessly stated. On Twitter, well, that’s when the hypocrisy cranked into a special, broken gear.

“Resisters” with mighty accounts started falling all over themselves to praise the Mighty Mitch. This is the very guy they spent years rightfully attacking as #MoscowMitch. This is the guy they spent years rightfully trying to drive out of the Senate. This is the guy they rightfully told us had done more damage to Americans than any human alive.

This is the guy who’d rather STARVE YOU than give you ANY relief. THAT Mitch.

But now he was “bringing it” and “meeting the moment.”

They know who are they are. Many of them took their tweets down after the attack on America, but the damage was done. What happens next time a Republican talks out of both sides of his/her mouth and “gives” them something that was already rightfully theirs????

Not long after the gush, reports filtered in that the assault on our Capitol Building by Trump and McConnell’s goons had started. And here’s where it really gets special:

We know now that lawmakers dove to the floor and hid in closets and screamed in fear as armed maniacs stormed the halls — you know, the same kind of awful shit that OUR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH FOR YEARS AT SCHOOL.

And we know why children have been dealing with this for years at school: Republicans’ NRA. And do you know who champions the NRA like a boss?

That’s right: Mitch McConnell.

But now he was allegedly done fawning over Trump, and people that HAVE to know better by now were fawning over him.

By the end of one of America’s longest days, our democracy was bleeding but alive, and #MoscowMitch had been sent back to the minority by the voters of Georgia.


We saw these big-shot resisters tweeting about that, too.

If they’ve returned to their senses, welcome back.

If they’re thinking of leaving again, let’s hope they stay there.

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