While Woodward and Anonymous Throw Gasoline on a Raging Fire, Kavanaugh Warms His Hands

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While anonymous breezes gusted through D.C. this week, there was a very real possibility the Rush Limbaugh-like Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, would be confirmed. (CNN, photo)

There are many allegedly smart people telling us that this was the most eventful, game-changing week of the past two, gory years of American history. This is where Lady Liberty finally found the opening she has been looking for in her frenzied quest for a true bearing. There was insurrection in the Oval Office! Darth Vader had lost his grip, but there were patriots protecting us!

Tuesday we were semi-fresh off a long weekend but still plenty dazed and confused when the great Bob Woodward, maybe the most influential and important journalist of our time, started leaking the contents of an explosive book stuffed with holy-shit! anecdotes and candid, terrifying, on-the-record accounts from Trump’s inner-circle.  “Fear” is the hair-raising title of this fiery bombshell, as if any of us needed reminding. As the drip, drip, drip started the White House went into crisis mode. Mike Pence dove under a desk for cover, Trump reflexively started lying, and his cock-eyed parrot, Sarah Sanders, hit her rerun button.

Then on Wednesday, The New York Times, maybe the world’s most influential and important news source of our time, went out with an Op-Ed alleged to have been written by a heavy-hitter from Trump’s inner-circle. This gutless big shot assured us that despite their boss’s hourly imitations of a baby sorely in need of a diaper change, the staff in fact had the infant under control. And though the dam was holding thanks to the nuclear-powered binky they had stuffed in Trump’s sour puss, it was only a matter of time before he had a very, very bad accident. They were running out of diapers.

Meantime, of course, Trump’s busy little bees in the GOP were making plenty of racket on their own as they recklessly jamming through a dangerous, Rush Limbaugh-like Supreme Court nominee whose confirmation and the resulting horrific impacts would potentially affect us for the REST OF OUR DAMN LIVES. But sure let’s talk about a book chronicling weak, gutless insiders who are wreaking havoc on the outside. Let’s hype an anonymous SOS reeled up the mast of the USS Constitution as it takes on water with a gush and slowly drowns us all.

Look, this week was many things, but I’ll tell you what it was not: at all good. And it was hardly illuminating.

The vast majority of this country is over this “Did you see what Trump did!” rewind. We’ve been watching this slow-motion horror film for over two years now. We need no convincing from anonymous insiders or venerable journalists on the outside to tell us of what is right in front of our bleeding eyes. The time for doing something to save us from this horrific crash has long since past. All we can do now is sift through the wreckage, and make sure to never put the GOP at the helm of anything again. We do that by raising bloody hell about every little thing (and certainly the big ones) until Nov. 6. Then we take that day to vote, sweat out the results and wipe off our furrowed brows. Then we get right back to raising bloody hell about every little thing again …

We don’t go into panic mode every time the very obvious is revealed to us — AGAIN. We get it, OK?

My God, who among us didn’t know Trump was “misguided” as written in Anonymous’ letter? How about “Impulsive?” Golly, really?? He seemed like a quiet pillar of strength to me. “Unstable.” Hogwash, he already informed us he is a “very stable genius.” “Ill-informed?” Seriously??? How about “impetuous?” You mean those tweets aren’t buffed and vetted for hours and hours?  “Petty?” Noooooooo … say it ain’t so!

While people are one after another slow-rolling B-roll from the unhinged, reality TV star’s treatment of the most hallowed job on the planet, the rest of us have been screaming for action. We are done with all this recounting. We need no convincing. WE are the ones who told YOU how bad it would be. Even if we were on the wrong end of an election we won by nearly 3,000,000 votes …

Ya know, many of us thought that if things got bad enough the GOP would actually do something to save the country they claim to love so much. That’s how it was supposed to work in the United States of America. Hell, if the GOP loved the country even half as much as they love the National Anthem, there might yet be hope. Instead, while Trump raged with delight as his Deplorables blew up their sneakers, the rest of his GOP was wrecking the country for an entire generation … And there was nothing anonymous about it.

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