About Me

“Open yer eyes. Open yer ears. Question. Be righteous.” -D. Earl Stephens

I’m an award-winning journalist who traveled the semi-free world using another name on my passport. I broke stories and they broke me. Guess I pretty much stayed broke.

Made it 29 years on the print side, before stubbornly finishing up as a managing editor at a notoriously good newspaper.

From there, things got worse. Then they got real bad. Oh, really? Don’t think things are bad, eh? Who’s the president? How did that happen? Because it all went bad, that’s how.

Wanna know why it went bad? Because the decline in newspapers has had a direct impact on the increasing ignorance in America, that’s why. Chew on that.

I say we talk about it …

And this: Am also recently working on ActivateAmericNow.com with some bad-ass partners. We think if people get active and VOTE, things might start getting good again. Every wave starts with a tiny ripple.

Give it a look. Share ’em even. Get activated, brothers and sisters.

-D. Earl