About Me

“Open yer eyes. Open yer ears. Question. Be righteous.” -D. Earl Stephens

I’m an award-winning journalist who traveled the semi-free world using another name on my passport. I broke stories and they broke me. Guess I pretty much stayed broke.

Made it 29 years on the print side, before stubbornly finishing up as a managing editor at Stars and Stripes Newspaper, the editorially independent newspaper that serves our troops and their families overseas.

And this: I’m pretty sure the decline in newspapers has had a direct impact on the increasing ignorance in America.

I’ve been wildly fortunate to live in a lot of places around this big, beautiful, confused world — Africa, Europe, Asia … These days I’m back in the U.S.A, which lately seems to pride itself in going backwards.

I don’t like what I’m seeing or hearing, so I am trying to raise a little hell while writing about it.

For now, please stand up for yourselves, brothers and sisters. You are most likely worth it.

-D. Earl