EXCLUSIVE: With Support for his Removal Increasing, Trump Calls Emergency Holiday Meeting

It has become increasingly hard for Donald J. Trump to enjoy his holiday at Mar-a-Lago with the threat of his removal following him around literally everywhere he goes …

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In Scathing, Jesus-Like Letter, Trump Slams Christian Newspaper that Attacked Him

As you know, when you read the Bible every night like I do, that those were very, very trying times, folks. It wasn’t easy being Jesus. He’d walk around and give terrific speeches all over the place like I do. Oh sure, he didn’t draw the crowds I did, but people loved him and prayed for him anyway.

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As Our Democracy Hangs in the Balance, This is No Time for Haughty Declarations of Independents

You are above it all, but so good at being up there, that you can still see most people at eye level, even while looking down on them … you are an Independent.

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