The Democratic Majority Has the Prescription to Cure What Ails America

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As the heartbreaking residue of yet another mass murder smothers us … As the assassination attempts on past presidents and current leaders of the Democratic Party batter our common sense … This morning we are right back to where we have always been in this country: fighting for a good, safe, decent place to live.

We have been at this for 242 years in America. We have gotten many, many things right, and some others disastrously wrong. Hate, ignorance and greed are to blame for the latter. Remember slavery? Not that long ago women couldn’t vote. We have never stopped disenfranchising Native Americans. Yes, sure, now let’s make it impossible for them to vote, too.

To our credit we have often acted far too slowly but ultimately accordingly to wash away much of the evil and stupidity by taking a temperature check on current realities. Mercifully, we delivered the much-needed medication to slow and wash out a lot of the ignorance. Unfortunately, time has proven some people are immune to prescribed treatments aimed at making us good and honest. Right, Donald?

This is one reason why as we have barreled ahead as a nation toward the progressive light, we have too often slipped backwards and fallen hard in the dark.

In 2016 we found out we were in far worse shape than we thought. It is not so much that we didn’t want to improve as a nation, no, it was much more potentially lethal: We just didn’t care how sick we had become. If we had a little trouble breathing and walked around with a limp, who really cared? Seriously, who really cared? A madman was on the loose, but stopping him was just such a bother.

The very worst viruses will knock you flat when your defenses are down. We were ripe for a disease like Trump in this country, and we have a horrible case of him right now. And who knew so many like McConnell and Ryan and Graham and hundreds of others would be so eagerly help inject the horrible man’s poison?

My God …

After being laid out, America is finally fed up and out of its sick bed. No, not all of us, dammit, just the majority. It is time for that majority to demand and deliver the proper prescriptions to make us better. If all this heinous mass-murdering is in part a result of mental illness, then so, too, is this warped support for Trump. It is up to the majority of America to help the sick minority in our country through their illness.

We’ve done it before with imperfect treatments to stop slavery, embolden women, and protect our environment. We must do it again.

This is how we will help all of America recover starting on Nov. 7 — regardless, and hopefully because, of what happened at the polls the day before. Our doctors’ orders follow. If they read as demands, it is because we are done simply asking. We have tried that to no avail.

  • Sensible gun control was never be too much to ask, so it is time we demanded it.
  • Fair tax cuts for everybody besides the rich were never too much to ask, it is time we demanded them.
  • Working to make healthcare affordable for all and providing coverage for pre-existing conditions was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Workplace equality was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Reining in our skyrocketing deficit without rewarding the filthy rich was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Investing in schools with the vigor we invest in military hardware was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Providing safe haven for starving people under siege by their murderous governments was never too much to ask in this country, it’s time we demanded it.
  • Keeping air and water clean and away from the grubby hands of these corporate raiders was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Listening to our scientists and addressing the devastating affects of climate change was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Protecting our animals and endangered species, and keeping them out of the reach of murderous thugs was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Providing haven for women’s health and welfare was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Protecting everybody’s voting rights was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Pulling our kids out of all these war zones after 16 years and spending every dime of political capital we have left with our global partners to talk of unifying power, exploiting commonalities and working toward peace was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Urging Republicans to smack down Trump’s reckless regard for the truth and our institutions was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.
  • Heeding whatever Bob Mueller delivers in his report was never too much to ask, it is time we demanded it.

In a mere eight days, the prescription to fix what ails our sick minority in America will be on the table. It really is way past time we demanded they take their medicine. If they tell us, “Yeah, but it tastes bad.” We will tell them, “Tough, it is for your own good.”

Your vote has never mattered more, Members of the Majority. Be the cure.

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Lived everywhere. Started in Africa, then to America, then to Europe, then ... back to America, which lately seems to pride itself in going back. Almost made it 30 years in print journalism, before it all went bad. Really? Don’t think things are bad, eh? Who’s your new president, pal? How did that happen? Because it all went bad.

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