Trump Blasts Mueller for Not Ejaculating him, Warns Pelosi in Very Important Letter

And listen, Americans, my God, Vlad assured me in Helsinki they had nothing to do with our elections. I told everybody this in a powerful speech I gave while I was over there in Norway. That should have been the end of it right there. But, no, the lying, stinking, fake media had to keep reporting about it so that Mueller wouldn’t ejaculate me.

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EXCLUSIVE: What a WH Meeting Aimed at Further Stoking a Racist Fire Looks Like

Ivanka: <11 seconds of inaudible murmuring, followed by a gasp.>
Trump: “Maybe later, sweetie. I just ate. Now where was I, before Dick so rudely interrupted me?”
Stephen Miller: “You were talking about making America greater and mightier and more powerful than it’s ever been, fuhrer!”

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Trump Touts Memory, Clean Water; Rips ‘Me-First’ Women in Very Important Letter

Now where was I …?
Oh yeah, I want to talk very quickly about the women’s soccer team and the girl with the pink hair who has tried to completely destroy my life and has been very, very mean and not very nice to me in public.

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