Giving Thanks While Pelosi and the Democrats Carefully Build a House …

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Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference At U.S. Capitol

I had intended to spend my Turkey Day morning going way up high and typing about all the things I am thankful for this year. I mean, I am sitting atop a big, beautiful Blue Wave that rolled through my country a couple of weeks ago. Seldom does the actual event match the hype, but the Democrats delivered quite a show on Election Day. I am thankful to the point of tears for that …

My gosh, the last couple of years have brought dread, despair and despite all odds just enough inspiration to keep the wind at our broken backs. Our women … Our children … Their courage and fortitude in the face of desperation and evil was monumental and will fill an important chapter in American history.

Such inspiration has blossomed into something that looks and feels a lot like hope. There is real power with all this hope. How we use it will define our ultimate success as a party and a nation. We know Trump and his divisive GOP have no place governing a “United” States, so making our case and delivering for all of America has never been more important.

This is our time to lead, and there is not a better person to represent us than Nancy Pelosi.

I have spent a lot of time on this one here and here, among other places, and admittedly think the world of her. Good grief, she was made for this moment. So case made, I want to discuss why it is still vitally important we allow every voice in the room as we proceed to electing Pelosi our next leader.

Admittedly, my gut instinct has been to punch back at any notion somebody else should rise to Speaker. I need to watch myself, though, and be better than that. We need to be better than that. Pelosi has already been better than that …

During the most important election year of our lives, our big tent had a mighty big flap. Remember that? All were welcome to join — progressives (Ocasio-Cortez), moderate/progressives (Pelosi) and lighter shades of blue on the right side of the party (Lamb). Come on in, everybody! Plenty, of room. Plenty of room …

But is there?

Go ahead, think about this for a solid minute or two …

If after that pondering you’ve decided there isn’t, then I hope you have also reached the conclusion there simply has to be. While we do not have to put aside our internal differences, we most certainly should work to embrace the diversity of thought. We must be civil when speaking with each other, and save the fire and fury for those who so richly deserve it: the Trump Republicans. We must remember why it is on this day of thanks we have something we haven’t had for the past eight Thanksgivings: The House of Representatives.

Remember this hashtag from 17 days ago?  #VoteBlueNoMatterWho … How about we try this going forward: #ListenToBlueNoMatterWho

Look, politics has always been an ugly, blood sport, folks. Ultimately it is about one thing and one thing only: Power. After two brutal years we have some now.

This battle for the Speakership is not remotely new. It happens every time there is a change in power (there’s that word again). While all this posturing for that power might look unseemly, it is also completely necessary. If you were elected even in part because you said you wouldn’t support Pelosi, to then go out just two weeks later and say you will, is disingenuous at best, no? How do you hold onto to your newly gained power if you are going to ignore the very people and factions that put you into this position in the first place?

Nobody understands this better than Pelosi, who didn’t become one of the most powerful political figures in history by snapping at the obvious bait the GOP’s King Sucker Fish, Trump, can never lay off of. Pelosi was aware what he and others were saying about her on the campaign trail. While Trump was out there tearing everything down, she was quietly building a House.

Today she is sitting atop a pile of newly elected, fresh-faced and diverse Democrats. This was the party’s biggest haul in decades. That’s real power right there, my friends.

That some of those Democrats are still talking about new leadership is fine and to be expected. There is even wisdom in this, because if all sides don’t feel as if they have a voice what kind of House are we really building? I can tell you it isn’t one Pelosi wants to live in.

If you are fortunate enough to sit around the table today with family and friends and enjoy a great feast, and middling conversation, consider you might not agree with every, little thing that is said. Most likely at some point you have all gotten on each other’s nerves many, many times over. It’s that way with family. But if somebody from outside your tribe elbowed their way in and went on the attack, well, I’d wager you’d beat ’em off like the dickens.

So let’s hash this out, Democrats. Let’s respect each other. Let’s build a House and slam the door on Trump’s corrupt GOP.

Now please pass the mash potatoes.

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