Why We Must Continue To Sweat The Little Things

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The New York Times went out with a story today, that under remotely normal circumstances would have neatly paved a black-and-white stretch run toward the finish of a disastrous presidency that never should have seen a starting gate to begin with.
It is impossible to know where to begin with the absurdity of this latest development in our long, national nightmare.
This write essentially tells the story of the incompetent mob boss, Fat Donny Tiny Thumbs, who is completely ill-equipped to govern anything — but screw everything — making public threats to a hairy-shouldered, two-bit lackey staring at decades behind bars.
There has never been a story anywhere in the gutter-low vicinity of this one when discussing a sitting president. And this report had nothing to do with the real-time treason we watched unfold in Helsinki Monday. That’s the hard-core, anti-American incident that had Intelligence Chiefs past and present gnawing off the butt-ends of their honor and dignity.
No, this story was about the other weapons-grade stuff — the mobster crap. You know, the money, the hookers, the bought-off tabloid, the cheating, the lying, the campaign-finance fraud, etc.
But here is the thing … Here is where we are these days: Buried in all this heavy-duty reporting Saturday was a throw-away paragraph that even the most cynical, beaten-down editor has decided to let breeze by these days without calling for a folo. Because, well, what’s the point? Too many of us have decided we can’t be bothered to discuss these things anymore, even though we used to know they were horribly, horribly wrong and would be a major problem for any other administration:
“On his way to his golf club in Bedminster, the president ignored several questions from reporters about why his campaign would have denied knowledge of the payments if he was on tape discussing them with Mr. Cohen.”
 “On his way to his golf club”
This is a subject Trump spent months (wrongfully) haranguing Obama on during his racist, “Lock Her Up” campaign of terror through our countryside. This fucking guy spends more time at his golf properties than Jack Nicklaus. Last weekend it was Scotland. Remember last week? No, I didn’t think so. And every time, these outings feature shake-downs of his fat-pawed corporate-raider buddies who are funding this diabolical conquest of American norms, and making a handsome profit doing it.
“Ignored several questions from reporters”
This lying ignoramus has not done a press conference in 519 DAYS! (With thanks to the Washington Post for keeping track of that head-slapping fact.)
Trump just lies and lies and lies to everybody all the time, Sarah Sanders defends it, and Mitch McConnell pushes through hundreds of knuckle-dragging conservatives to our courts under this fog of evil and repulsiveness.
But discuss these things we must, America. By not discussing them; by not being outraged by them, we are doing exactly what this wanna-dictator and his evil minions are hoping.
It really is this bad, folks. There is nothing normal about it. There is a damn good reason you are losing all this sleep.
You got other ideas? I am all ears.

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