FINALLY: What the Infamous Trump-McCarthy Jan. 27 Meeting Sounded Like …

Kevin McCarthy’s future in the Republican Party was on the line when he met the GOP Boss Donald Trump at his magnificently, tremendous golden office on Jan. 27 …

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EXCLUSIVE: What the Meeting that Hatched TRUTH Social Sounded Like

STEVE BANNON INTERRUPTS: Er, sir, maybe we should talk about this grand platform you will be rolling out to control all messaging around the world for everything?
TRUMP: Right, right … Just got distracted there a little. Why I did’t marry that girl I never understand …
BANNON:┬áBecause she’s yer daughter, sir?

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EXCLUSIVE: With Support for his Removal Increasing, Trump Calls Emergency Holiday Meeting

It has become increasingly hard for Donald J. Trump to enjoy his holiday at Mar-a-Lago with the threat of his removal following him around literally everywhere he goes …

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BOMBSHELL: What First Trump Call With Ukrainian Leader Sounded Like

Trump: “OK, last offer before I hang up and call Vlad to report on this conversation. One hundred tanks, 1,000 bombs, 50 cases of vodka, 100 kilos of you-know-what, and 25 airplanes. Think long and hard before answering.”

Zelenskiy: “OK, OK, deal. I see if I can’t make something up about Biden. Maybe there’s something.”

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EXCLUSIVE: What an Oval Office Immigration Meeting Must Sound Like

While America reels from the bilge emanating from the White House, we thought it would be helpful to let you know what a WH meeting must sound like …

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