Ivanka Trump Uses Very Important Letter to Type Fevered Defense of Daddy

As the “meanies” in the Democratic Party made life miserable for her father and impeachment echoed through the West Wing, Ivanka Trump rode to her daddy’s defense with a letter for the ages …

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EXCLUSIVE: What a WH Meeting Aimed at Further Stoking a Racist Fire Looks Like

Ivanka: <11 seconds of inaudible murmuring, followed by a gasp.>
Trump: “Maybe later, sweetie. I just ate. Now where was I, before Dick so rudely interrupted me?”
Stephen Miller: “You were talking about making America greater and mightier and more powerful than it’s ever been, fuhrer!”

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In Christmas Letter, Trump Thanks Christian Soldiers, Slams Red Trees

Even President Franklin never wrote a letter like this among the other great things he did, like discovering electricity using only a kite. So think about that folks. And thank you.

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