Standing on This Side of The Atlantic and the Vital Case for Trump’s Impeachment

Not impeaching this wannabe dictator would be an abhorrent dereliction of Democratic duty, and would play right into the hands of the GOP, who have been grunting and groaning warnings at us not to go down the only road worth traveling right now.

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Free From Shooting Supporter In Middle of Street, Trump Turns Gun On America

It’s now safe to say there will be no patriotic moment when McConnell, Graham, Romney or Collins take to the Senate floor, grab hold of the truth and lift it toward the sky. They have anchored themselves to their base and decided to take a breather knowing it would be impossible to go any lower. How freeing for them. They have flipped the keys to Trump knowing full well he will drive through every stop sign put in place by the architects of this imperfect, Democratic maze and wreck this country.

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Trump to Use New TV Series Tonight to Lay Out Plans For War at the Border

I also want to say you are welcome to the TV stations who asked me to come on prime time tonight and help bail out their failing ratings. I think you will see me doing a lot more of this in the future, folks. I get to use the command of my best words and past super ratings successes to change everybody’s mind about very important, terrific things and they get to see their terrible, disgusting ratings go through the roof. I think you can see pretty quickly how great this plan is.

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The Message is Clear, Democrats: Dump Trump Before It’s Too Late For America

Much like the landmark Civil Rights Act or the New Deal, turning out a destructive traitor and sending him off to abuse only his family may not be wholly popular by some in this country yet, but history will undoubtedly show that it will have been the right thing to do.

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Trump Uses ‘Important Words’ to Defend His ‘General’ Terms in Cabinet Meeting

Some people, not a lot, but some people, have criticized me for saying I would have been a good general. I don’t get this. Literally anybody can be a good general. You could be a good general, OK? You just have to want to be good instead of bad. How hard is that?! Can you imagine what the lying, stinking, awful, corrupt, maniacs in the fake media would have said, if I said I would have been a bad general?! Only a moron would have said that. I am not a moron, folks.

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2018: Insistence on #TheResistance to Remember This Was One Great Year!

By now the #TheResistance was a full-blown thing and an amalgam of everything that was still good and right about this country. Environmentalists, civil rights crusaders, educators, kids and do-gooders in all shapes and sizes had pulled together and were literally on the march. Our women were leading the way and not a minute too soon, because everything depended on November and what might be America’s last, best chance to set about making things right again.

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Taking a Shine to Top-Rated MSNBC, As Trump’s Deplorable Propaganda Darkens

As poll after poll has showed us and the Midterms proved, MSNBC is seeing things through the very eyes of a vast majority of the American electorate and the world. They are verifying our fear and terror and providing the comfort of knowing we aren’t the only ones who are shivering through it.

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In Christmas Letter, Trump Thanks Christian Soldiers, Slams Red Trees

Even President Franklin never wrote a letter like this among the other great things he did, like discovering electricity using only a kite. So think about that folks. And thank you.

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Trump’s Sickening Win Best Thing for What Ailed the Democratic Party

Evidence shows, whether we want to admit it or not, that after Clinton’s historic win we would have giddily dined on the presidency while the Republicans continued to eat our lunch.

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